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 About Versatic Acids & Derivatives
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Versatic Acids

Versatic™ Acids are key intermediates in the manufacture of products that require excellent hydrolytic stability, heat resistance and resistance to attack from a wide variety of chemical agents. They have excellent solubility in nonpolar compounds such as organic polymers and plastics allowing them to be utilized in a wide variety of systems. 


These properties originate from the highly branched alkyl groups that contain a tertiary alpha-carbon atom. The improved performance is especially demonstrated in comparison with other linear and secondary acids. Versatic Acids are used in a wide range of applications in their original form, as an acid chloride or metal salt derivative.


 Versatic tire image


Versatic Acid metal salt derivatives are commonly used in:

  • Tire adhesives
  • Paint driers
  • PVC stabilizers

Versatic Acid chloride derivatives are typically used in the synthesis of:

  • Peroxide initiators
  • Agrochemicals 
  • Pharmaceuticals

 Unmodified Versatic Acids are used for:

  • Metal extraction agents
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Cosmetics


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