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Technical Data Sheet

Re-Issued on January 2015

Versatic Acid 10




VersaticTM Acid 10 is a synthetic, highly branched-C10 tertiary carboxylic acid. Versatic Acid 10 is also known as neodecanoic acid. Its structure may be represented as:

Versatic acid 10

R1 and R2 are alkyl groups. Versatic Acid 10 contains a total of 10 Carbon atoms. Versatic Acid 10 is a water-like clear product that is liquid at ambient temperature.




Versatic Acid 10 is a key intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of products, which typically show excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to various chemical agents. This is due to the steric hindrance created by the highly branched Versatic structure combined with the tertiary nature of its alpha-carbon atom. This is especially demonstrated in comparison with its linear and secondary-C10 equivalents.


Versatic Acid 10 can be used in its acid form, but for many applications the product is typically first converted into an acid chloride or metal salt. The acid chloride is produced by reaction with, for example, phosgene or PCl3 and is used in the production of peroxides for polymer production. Metal salts, e.g. Cobalt, Copper or Zinc salts of Versatic Acid 10 are used in applications such as tire adhesives, paint driers, PVC heat stabilisers, chemical processing catalysts, unsaturated polyester cure catalysts, wood preservatives and fuel additives. Additionally, Versatic Acid 10 acid is a very effective metal extraction agent that is particularly suitable for Nickel. The acid can also be used as corrosion inhibitor in synthetic lubricants.



Sales Specification


Test method



Acid value

ASTM D1980

mg KOH/g

318 - 330

Colour Pt/Co

ASTM D1209


100 max.



% m/m

0.1 max.


LPM 5037


Clear liquid


LPM 4301

% m/m

1 max.



Typical Properties  


Test method







Density at 20°C

ASTM D1298



Boiling range at 760 mm Hg

ASTM D1078


270 - 280

Pour point



< -30

Vapour pressure at 20°C

ASTM D5191


< 0.02

Flash point (PMC)




Miscibility with water





LPM 5108

% m/m

90 min.

Viscosity at 20°C






Test Methods

ASTM Standards are published by the American Society for Testing and Materials, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, west Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959, USA or can be found under

General information on LPM methods can be obtained upon request from Hexion Europe B.V.



Transportation and Storage

Information on transport, storage, suitable materials for tank construction, etc, is available from Hexion, via local representative or distributor.

Versatic Acid 10 should be stored at ambient temperature (min 5 °C - max 50 °C) in conditions such that moisture is excluded, in the original containers kept tightly closed. Under these conditions the shelf life should be three years starting from the manufactured date.



Handling Precautions

For more detailed information on all aspects relating to Health, Safety and Handling, reference should be made to the Safety Data Sheet of Versatic Acid 10, which is available from your local Hexion representative or distributor. The precautions advised therein should be strictly observed.



Contact Information

For contact information about this product, go to and visit Versatic Derivatives product pages. Here you will have option to choose your region to find a representative in your area

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