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In addition to the products below, Hexion also supplies CARDURA E10P, a glycidyl ester, which is a versatile reactive modifier that lowers viscosity, provides good moisture resistance and improved resistance to crystallization. 


A detailed overview of the Heloxy Modifier product line (and Cardura E10P) is available in the Product Literature section.

HELOXY Modifier 8

Monofunctional Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether - Lower volatility and odor.

HELOXY Modifier 61

Monofunctional Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether - [BGE] Maximum viscosity reduction with minimum loss of physical performance. Good substrate wetting. Allows for increased filler loading.

HELOXY Modifier 116

Monofunctional Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether - Good dilution efficiency. Potential substitute for BGE.

HELOXY Modifier 62

Monofunctional Aromatic Glycidyl Ether - Good maintenance of performance at high dilutions. Low volatility.

HELOXY Modifier 65

Monofunctional Aromatic Glycidyl Ether - Moderate dilution efficiency. Good electrical properties. Low volatility.

HELOXY Modifier 48

Polyfunctional Glycidyl Ether - Trifunctionality increases crosslink density. Maintains or increases reactivity. Relatively efficient viscosity reducer.

HELOXY Modifier 67Polyfunctional Glycidyl Ether -

Superior difunctional viscosity reducer. Low volatility. May be useful in water reducible systems due to some water solubility.

HELOXY Modifier 68

Polyfunctional Glycidyl Ether - Good difunctional viscosity reducer with minimum loss of properties. Low volatility. Most widely used viscosity modifier.

HELOXY Modifier 107

Polyfunctional Glycidyl Ether - Moderate difunctional viscosity reducer with minimum loss of properties. Good for applications requiring minimum deformation under load (i.e., superior creep resistance).

HELOXY Modifier 71

Flexibilizer - Improves impact resistance as well as toughness.

HELOXY Modifier 505

Flexibilizer - Superior water resistance. Low odor. Good exterior color retention.


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