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Household/Other Applications for Molding Compounds

Technical Data Sheets


Technical data sheets provide a good overview of each product, highlighting typical physical properties, key application areas, and storage capabilities. Click below to access the products of interest to you.


For additional information, please contact our technical group by phone, fax or email using the contact information to the right.

Bakelite PF 1141Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically/organically filled, glass fibre reinforced, increased heat resistance, hot steam and hot water resistant (Not suitable for use of higher voltage).Fittingsfor ovens and dishwashers, cookware fittings.
Bakelite PF 2137Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically/organically filled, increased heat resistance, minimal distortion, dish washer proof.Iron heat shield, fittings for ovens, dishwashers and toilet seats.
Bakelite PF 2535Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically/organically filled, average heat resistant, steam resistant, dish washer proof, high surface quality.Fittings for ovens and dishwashers, tableware/cutlery handles, cookware fittings.
Bakelite PF 2560Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically/organically filled, average heat resistance, high surface quality, lower water absorption than PF 31, minimal distortion, UL listed moulding compound 1.5 mm / V-1 (ALL), 3.0 mm / V-0 (ALL).Housings for domestic appliances, oven strips.
Bakelite PF 2760Inorganically and organically filled phenolic moulding compund; High heat resistance, good mechanical properties, reduced mould shrinkage and post-shrinkage,  free of halogens and toxic heavy metals.may to be coated by galvanic processes, handles, cooking-stove fittings, casings.
Bakelite PF 6507Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, elastomer modified, galvanizable, heat resistant, good media resistance, high dimensional stability at raised temperature, high mechanical strength.Cooling pumps, solenoid switch covers magnetic switches, mechanically and thermally highly stressed parts in automotive construction, electrical motor end shields, housing parts, pulleys, tension return pulleys, cog wheels, impellers, bearing parts.
Bakelite PF 31Phenolic moulding compound, mainly organically filled, standard moulding compound for normal stress, UL listed moulding compound 1.5 mm / V-1 (ALL), 3.0 mm / V-0 (ALL).Mouldings of all kinds from screw caps to large casings, electrical installation material, handle casings (bars), pan handles, operating elements, toaster parts and pistons for braking power energizers, carbon brush holders, lamp casing parts, decor items, ashtrays.
Bakelite PF 51Phenolic moulding compound, organically filled, reinforced with cotton fibres, increased notched impact strength.Contact support power switch, switch covers magnetic switches, pulleys, tension/deflection pulleys, covers, handwheels.
Bakelite PF 8052Phenolic moulding compound, glass fibre-reinforced and inorganically filled. Excellent heat resistance with respect to surface finish and mechanical properties.Pan handles, heat-resistant up to 285°C, Baking oven rollers.
Bakelite X 22Phenolic moulding compound, mainly organically filled.Pot handles, operating controls, electrical isolators, housing parts.
Bakelite UP 804Polyester moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, styrene free, high dimensional stability, very slight post shrinkage, good mechanical properties, non flammable, very good electrical properties, high temperature stability, UL lisExplosion proof switches, safety switch housings, telecommunications technology, electric motor clamp boards, wiring devices, housing parts, toaster panels, waffle iron covers, iron heat shield, oven strips, oven knobs and regulator knobs, neon tubes end parts and bases.


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