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50 Years of Innovation

Versatics Spotlight Image The Versatics™ business unit has a proud history of innovation that started with the invention of Versatic™ Acids in Pernis, Rotterdam. Since then, a range of Versatic acid derivatives have been introduced, such as VeoVa™ monomers and Cardura™  glycidyl ester. More to come as we continue to invest in new developments.

Versatic Acids & Derivatives

 About Versatic Acids & Derivatives
 VeoVa Vinyl Esters
 Cardura Glycidyl Esters
 Duresta Glycidyl Ester
 Versatic Acids
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Highly Versatile Molecules for Paints and Coatings

Hexion is the number one global supplier of VersaticTM acids and derivatives for the paint, coatings and adhesives market. Versatic derivatives are excellent building blocks and monomers for developing high solids and water-based resins. They facilitate the trend towards more environmentally-suitable paints and coatings.


From protecting the coating on your car to improving the strength and durability of concrete, Versatic-based compounds have a well established track record of cost effective performance. Many other products such as adhesives, decorative paints, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, peroxides, catalysts, preservatives, adhesives, lubricants, and cosmetics currently benefit from the incorporation of our Versatic chemistry. 


2017 ChinaCoat

Meet with our Versatics experts at the booth to learn about solutions for today’s waterborne market challenges.   Schedule a meeting


Please attend our Versatics technical presentation at ChinaCoat

“Ultra-High Solid Resins, an Alternative Solution for Very Low VOC Coatings” by Steven Mao.
Location: Hall W3, meeting room M4.
Date: Thursday November 16th, 13:30 -14:20 pm
Please contact us or visit our booth to obtain a free entry pass to the technical seminar.


To address today's environmental challenges, the coatings industry continues to look for ways to reduce VOC levels.Following the waterborne acrylic polyol dispersion technology Hexion presented during the ChinaCoat® in 2015, we now present convenient routes to make ultra-high solid resins using glycidyl ester of branched neo-acids (CarduraTM E10P glycidyl ester from Hexion). The simple process provides flexibility in terms of the selection of solvents, monomers, initiators and reaction temperature and enables an optimal balance of key performance parameters like VOC level, drying speed and cost. Ultra-high solid resins, provide producers that cannot immediately move to waterborne an alternative solution for very low VOC coatings.




PCI Icon   Click here or on the PCI icon for a new VeoVa™ vinyl ester publication on “Modification of Acrylic Emulsion Polymers with Vinyl Neo-Esters, Enhancing Performance and Providing a Route to Cost-Efficient Alternatives.”
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