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Versatic™ Acid 5

Versatic™ Acid 5

Versatic acid 5 (neopentanoic acid, also called pivalic acid) is a synthetic sterically hindered carboxylic acid with a short and highly branched alkyl chemical structure.

versatic acid 5 structure

Reactive group (highlighted in yellow)

  • Carboxylic acid functionality
  • Low pKa (acid dissociation constant)
  • Polar

Bulky group (highlighted in blue)

  • Branched neo structure
  • Hydrophobic

Performance Characteristics

  • High resistance to chemicals
  • High resistance to oxidative compounds
  • High resistance to thermal conditions

Typical Applications

Versatic acid 5 is used primarily as an intermediate to make peroxyesters and chemicals for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

  • Peroxyesters
  • Amide derivatives
  • Ketone derivatives
  • Amine salts
  • Ester derivatives
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