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Phenolic Resins as Epoxy Intermediates

Producers of multifunctional epoxy resins and cyanate esters can draw from a range of Bakelite® and Durite™ phenolic resins, including ultra-low molecular weight phenol-formaldehyde novolacs, dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol adducts, cresol novolacs and bisphenol-A intermediates, to develop their products.

These high Tg novolacs are produced within narrow molecular weight ranges to suit our customers’ needs. They are easily glycidated, contain low free monomer (phenol and cresol) concentrations, and are designed for epoxy chain-extending reactions. Our technical expertise allows us to tailor properties such as molecular weight, softening point, hydroxyl number and viscosity to meet customer-specific requirements.

Common applications for the epoxidized resins are printed circuit boards, heat-resistant composites and corrosion-resistant coatings.

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