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Composite Materials for Aerospace Structures

Our technologically advanced, consistently high-performing thermoset solutions challenge the industry status quo.

  • Supply is secured through backward integration into a complete range of multifunctional building blocks such as epoxidized glycidylamines and novolac resins.
  • Formulated systems make various end-use applications easier.
  • Our next generation infusion resins offer room temperature, out of autoclave (OOA) cure.

We have the products you need for closed molding. Our responsive service teams can supply the technical expertise to help you make the most of them.

Epoxy Formulated Systems

Epoxy Resin SystemSystem Properties & PerformanceRemarks
Prepreg Outlife at 23°C
Prepreg Outlife at -18°C
EPIKOTE™ Resin 809/EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 709 EPIKURE Catalyst 100120/2481490Y
  • Secondary structural components for commercial aircraft
  • Good adhesion to various cell structures
  • Self-extinguishing EP system
EPIKOTE Resin 03859/5 EPIKURE Curing Agent 03859/5 EPIKURE Catalyst 03859/5120/2481490Y
  • Interior application such as flooring, with phenolic EPONOL™ Resin 3501 for co-curing
  • Self-extinguishing EP system
EPIKOTE Resin 475/EPIKURE Curing Agent 375 HELOXY™ Additive 575200/4051490N
  • Hot-melt prepreg for primary structural parts
  • 350 °F cure
  • Excellent mechanical and hot/wet performance
1) Pot life of 100g in a waterbath at 30°C
2) At 25°C  

Epoxy Resin SystemSystem Properties & PerformanceRemarks
Viscosity at 80°CPot Life at 80°CC
Minimum Inlet
Time On Tool
EPIKOTE System 600200/405<250380
  • Available in 1 and 2 components
  • High performance
  • Standard RTM system in aeronautics
  • Requires post cure
EPIKOTE Resin 484/EPIKURE Curing Agent 05524200/405<100
(at 50°C)
(at 50°C)
  • Fast cure
  • High Tg and wet Tg
  • Good mechanical performance
1) Pot life of 100g in a waterbath at 30°C
2) At 25°C  

Phenolic Materials for Aerospace Structures

AblativesFriction/BrakingInteriorsCompression MoldingPre-Preg Compression MoldingHoneycomb Dip  Fire ResistanceReduced Smoke & ToxicityImproved Dimensional StabilityHigh StrengthIncreased Flexural Strength
Durite™ SC-1008Phencat™ P10, P15 or 382
Durite™ FL-756APhencat™ P10, P15 or 382
Durite™ SC-748AThermal cure
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