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Epoxy Systems for Automotive Suspension Composites

Our award-winning systems for glass-reinforced suspension components are suitable for short cycle time RTM, prepreg, towpreg and filament winding processes. Benefits include:

  • Good dynamic mechanical properties and fatigue resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High Tg
  • For leaf springs, coil springs or other dynamic components

These systems save energy twice—during manufacture, and by reducing vehicle weight.

Suspension Parts

EPIKOTETM Resin SystemsSuitabilityCuring Conditions
Mass Production   Class A Finish   Time[min]Temp[oC]Glass Transition
Temp [°C] (DSC Midpoint)
Process Typical Applications 
EP TRAC 06478
EK TRAC 06478
N.A.30min + 120 min100oC + 120oC110oC + 120oC prepregleaf springs
Remarks:Inhouse prepreg system systems, good dynamic mechanical properties.
EP 04976
EK 04976
N.A.120min + 180 min80oC + 140oC130oC + 140oC Filament Windingleaf springs
Remarks:Potlife of >20 hours at 20oC.
EP 05127
EK 05476
N.A.60 min + 60 min + 120 min80oC + 110oC + 180oC160oC + 170oC Filament Windingsprings
Remarks:Very good chemical resistance, high Tg; highest performing FiWi system pot life ~3h at 25oC.
EP TRAC 06150
EK TRAC 06150
HA TRAC 06805
N.A.5-10 min110oC + 120oC110oC + 120oCRTMleaf springs
Remarks:Excellent fatigue properties. Very short cycle time, long resin injection window. The system is preferably combined with Internal Mold Release Heloxy Additive TRAC 06805.
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