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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Felt Bonding

Bakelite phenolic resins are the binding agent of choice for acoustical and thermal insulation applications across a range of industries, including Automotive. These resins can provide the properties you require to meet your specific performance, safety and environmental quality needs. Our binder resin product line includes a wide range of phenolic novolac powders that effectively and efficiently adhere to various natural and synthetic fiber matrices including:

  • Glass
  • Cotton shoddy
  • Recycled polymers

These Bakelite resin binders are suitable for semi-cured and fully cured blankets for:

  • Climate control
  • Structural parts
  • Sound absorption

CottonGlass Improved Fiber AdhesionReduced SinteringImproved Fire RetardancyReduced Sticking to MoldReduced DustNo Phenol Emission
Bakelite® PF R-146159
Bakelite® PF P 1271 R
Bakelite® EP PES 7089TP
Bakelite® PF6813TP
Bakelite® PF6882TP01
Bakelite® PF P 1270
Bakelite® PF6066TP01
Bakelite® PF7310TP
Bakelite® PF6427TP
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