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EPIKOTE™ Resin 862


EPIKOTE Resin 862 is a low viscosity epoxy resin produced from bisphenol F resin and epichlorohydrin. It contains no diluent. EPIKOTE 862 provides good pigment wetting and good resistance to filler settling. As judged by laboratory tests, (see bulletin EK 1.5.11 for a description of the test method) EPIKOTE 862 is considered to be prone to crystallisation on storage, particularly at low temperatures.


  • Low viscosity without diluent
  • Imparts high mechanical performance
  • Imparts high resistance against crystallisation when blended with EPIKOTE 828 type resin
  • Imparts good chemical resistance
  • Good pigment wetting
  • Good resistance to pigment settling

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Colour 100 max Pt-Co ASTM D1209
Epoxy Group Content 5780 - 6060 mmol/kg SMS 2026
Viscosity at 25°C 2.5 - 4.5 Pa.s* ASTM D445

* 1 Pa.s = 10 Poise 

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Density at 25°C 1.18 kg/L ASTM D4052
Epoxy Molar Mass* 165 - 173 g/eq SMS 2026
Flash Point (PMCC) >150 °C ASTM D93
Viscosity 20°C 7.4 Pa.s
Viscosity 30°C 1.6 Pa.s
Viscosity 40°C 0.52 Pa.s
Viscosity 50°C 0.20 Pa.s

*number of grams of resin containing 1 equivalent of epoxide (Weight per equivalent, WPE, is an alternative term).

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