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On January 31, 2021, Hexion Holdings Corporation announced that it has completed the sale of its Coatings and Composite businesses, which includes the epoxy specialty resins and base epoxy resins and intermediates product lines, to Westlake Chemical Corporation. For epoxy coatings and composite product inquiries, please contact customer service at or

EPON™ Resin RSW-2801


EPON Resin RSW-2801 is a nonionic, waterborne dispersion of a multifunctional epoxy resin.  It is intended for high performance applications such as industrial fabric finishes and adhesives which require maximum chemical and solvent resistance and/or elevated temperature service.


  • High epoxy group content
  • High epoxide functionality
  • Completely water reducible
  • Completely free of organic solvents
  • May be formulated for low VOC coatings
  • High crosslink density in cured films gives high Tg and excellent moisture resistance

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Particle Size, Bk, Dw Wt. Avg. 1.6 max. µm SRC 00033
pH 4 - 7 ASTM E70
Solids Content 52 - 54 %m ASTM D-1259
Viscosity at 25°C 5000 - 18000 cP ASTM D2196
Weight per Epoxide, WPE 200 - 220 g/eq ASTM D1652

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance Opaque white liquid
Density 9.1 lb/gal
Organic Cosolvent None

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