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Phenolic Resins and Resonance™ DSS Additives for Bonded Abrasive Applications

Hexion supplies a broad range of Bakelite® phenolic resins for the most demanding bonded abrasive applications. These resins are suited to both cold and hot compression molding for the production of a range of abrasive wheels, including those utilizing glass fabric prepregs for reinforcement.

The Bakelite resin product offering for bonded abrasive applications includes:

  • Straight and modified powder novolacs
  • Alkaline and alkaline-free liquid resoles
  • Solvent based solutions
  • Low free phenol options
  • Low free formaldehyde options

Resonance™ DSS Additives

New Resonance™ DSS solid and liquid additives were developed with you in mind, to help decrease dust in various industrial processing conditions. When added to raw material solid mixtures, these versatile additives offer a simple solution for up to 60% dust reduction.

Hexion technical specialists can help customers choose the optimal product for their manufacturing process requirements and performance needs.


Grain SizeProductBenefit
Coarse GrainFine GrainFlexible Processing in Various FormulationsReduced Moisture PickupImproved Flow for Automated SystemsImproved Green StrengthReduced Dry OutReduced Formaldehyde
Bakelite® PF0436SW13
Bakelite® PF0436SW03
Durite Resin AL-5395
Durite Resin AL-382B
Durite Resin D AL-132LF


Grinding & Cut-off WheelsThin WheelsHot Press WheelsSuper AbrasivesIncreased Thermal ResistanceAllows Increased Filler LoadingFlexible Processing in Various FormulationsIncreased Stock RemovalReduced Overflow During CureReduced Cycle TimeImproved Burst ResistanceSuitable for Wet & Dry Grinding at High Temperatures
Durite Resin AD-3231
Durite Resin AD-5097
Durite Resin AD-5614
Durite Resin AD-3237
Bakelite® PF0224SP
Bakelite® PF0229RP
Durite Resin AD-5534
Bakelite® PF8686SP
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