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Phenolic Systems for Interior Rail Composites

For lightweight, highly fire safe, cost efficient interior composite parts such as train fronts, window surrounds, roofs, flooring, side panels, stand backs, luggage racks, driver's desks, toilet modules and heat shields, we offer CELLOBOND™ and EPONOL™ phenolic resin systems.

These systems exhibit excellent mechanical properties and can meet stringent Rail Fire Safety standards EN 45545 category HL3 and BS 6853 category 1A.

CELLOBOND phenolic resin systems:

  • Engineered 40 - 50% lighter than aluminum
  • For RTM/VARTM—filler free, low viscosity system can infuse even fine weave cloths
  • For hand lamination—ultra-low emitting systems, variable cure rates

EPONOL phenolic resin systems:

  • For prepreg with carbon or glass fiber
  • Excellent fiber wetting
  • Long shelf life
  • High impact strength



Hand LaminationInfusion MoldingFilament WindingPultrusion   Light WeightFire ResistenceReduced Smoke & ToxicityImproved Dimensional Stability
Bus InteriorsCellobond Resin J2027X /CELLOBOND Resin J2042XPhencat™ 382
Train InteriorsCellobond Resin J2027X /CELLOBOND Resin J2042XPhencat™ 382
Electrical ConduitCellobond Resin J2027X /CELLOBOND Resin J2042XPhencat™ P10, P15 or 382
UndergroundCellobond Resin J2027X /CELLOBOND Resin J2042XPhencat™ P10, P15 or 382



Pre-PregSMCFilament WindingPultrusionRTMVacuum InfusionHand Lay UpViscosity [cP]
Water content
Free phenol
Free formaldehyde
Standard Pot Life
Catalyst CurigHeat Curing
Cellobond™ J 2027 X01180-27014-16max. 10.0<0.112-18
Cellobond™ J 2042 X01Thixotropic
10-13max. 10.0<0.112-18
Cellobond™ J 6021 X011,000-3,0003.5-5.510-15<0.19-18 (P15)
Plate Gel /
B-Time [Min] 150°C
Cellobond™ SC 1008 P180-3002-410-16max. 1.314-22 (130°C)

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