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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Rail Brake Systems

Hexion has decades of experience assisting rail and mass transit brake system producers to develop noise-free and spark-free:

  • Disc brake pads
  • Brake shoes
  • Brake blocks
  • Liners

Our Bakelite phenolic resin systems are the leading performers in the industry and can help meet a range of specifications and certifications. We offer a wide selection of unmodified and modified resins, in both liquid and solid (powder) forms. Our resins are compatible with numerous friction material formulations and manufacturing processes including:

  • Cold, warm or hot compression molding


Reduced Cycle TimeImproved Product Stability at Higher TemperaturesFlexible Processing in Carious FormulationsImproved Noise Reduction (NVH) PerformanceIncreased Flexibility for High Fiber FormulationsExpanded Operating Process WindowModification
Bakelite® PF0229RP
Bakelite® J1077H
Bakelite® FD-2170
Bakelite® FD-G128
Bakelite® FD-518D