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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins and Resonance™ DSS Additives for Refractories

Hexion is a long-time leader in thermoset resin technology for the refractory industry. Our Bakelite portfolio of high-strength, lower emissions phenolic resin products can be used in the production of highly durable:

  • Shaped products
  • Unshaped products
  • Impregnation products

Bakelite phenolic resins for refractories are offered as:

  • Resoles
  • Novolacs
  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Reduced odor formulations

They can be used in a variety of refractory production processes:

  • Cold mixing
  • Warm mixing
  • Hydraulic pressing
  • Isostatic pressing
  • Casting
  • Impregnation

Resonance DSS Additives

New Resonance™ DSS solid and liquid additives were developed with you in mind, to help decrease dust in various industrial processing conditions. When added to raw material solid mixtures, these versatile additives offer a simple solution for up to 60% dust reduction.

Refractory Products

Flow Control Components (Nozzles, Shrouds, Stoppers) Dolomite BricksMagnesium Carbon BricksOther Refractory BricksSlide GatesTundishTaphole ClayRamming MixLiquidPowder Increased CompressibilityReduced Moisture Pick-upReduced Metal Penetration (increased density/reduced porosity) Improved FormabilityIncreased Longevity Improved Green StrengthFlexible Processing in Carious Formulations Reduced Odor
Durite™ RD-2414
 Durite Resin RL-1244E 
 Durite Resin RL-2395
Durite RD-2475    
 Durite Resin RL-744C   
Durite Resin RD-2424A
 Durite Resin RL-964B

* Use with a powder resin such as Durite™ RD-2424A for optimum performance

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