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AquaBond™ Proppants

Produced water is one of the largest waste streams associated with producing wells and carries a significant cost to the industry. AquaBond proppants are an innovative technology available in 20/40, 30/50, and 40/70 mesh sizes.

These unique proppants utilize a unique resin chemistry that reduces the production of formation water by altering the relative permeability of water through the proppant pack. This increases the profitability of the well by reducing waste water storage and disposal costs. Along with this water reducing feature, the AquaBond proppant’s Stress Bond™ proppant technology delivers all the benefits of a curable resin coated proppant, such as proppant flowback control and enhanced well production.

AquaBond proppants increase hydrocarbon production as shown in a recent case study. Results yielded a 36% hydrocarbon production increase over traditional proppants in offset wells in the Granite Wash formation after 12 months. These proppants are helping operators to reduce water, maximize well profitability, and lower cost per BOE.

These unique proppants are being utilized in multiple basins across North America where minimizing water production is essential. The cost savings to operators combined with the enhanced production will yield improved returns.

Traditional RCP Infographic

Oil and water are typically produced at similar ratios to those naturally occurring in the reservoir. Well profitability is reduced due to the high waste water disposal costs.

Aquabond Fracture Infographic

A unique resin chemistry alters the relative permeability of the proppant pack for preferential flow of hydrocarbons over water, increasing the oil-to-water ratio. Well profitability is increased by reducing waste water disposal costs.

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