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Astro Celrez LPM Series


The Astro Celrez LPM series are liquid, melamine-formaldehyde resins.


Astro Celrez LPM are thermosetting resins that can be used in paper-saturating applications for the manufacture of low-pressure melamine laminates and laminate flooring products. To achieve adequate cure response, the use of a latent acid catalyst (i.e. Aricel AS-32 or Fentak CT0234) is recommended.


Laminates produced with Astro Celrez LPM resins exhibit good water and craze resistance, hardness, gloss, and clarity. Astro Celrez LPM provides good paper penetration properties and excellent cure response when properly catalyzed.

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Estimated Storage Life @ 25°C 21 Days ADCH0473-H
Free Formaldehyde 0.25 % ADCH0188
pH 25°C 9.4 – 9.7 ADCH0650
Solids 1g, 1 hr@120°C 50 - 63 % ADCH0407
Solvent Water
Specific Gravity 25°C 1.21 - 1.25 ADCH0362
Viscosity LV1@25°C 30 - 75 cP ADCH0650
Water Tolerance By Volume 140 - 220 % ADCH0632
Water Tolerance By Weight 120 - 180 % ADCH0636
Weight ~10.3 Pounds per Gallon ADCH0444