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Bakelite® UP 804


Polyester moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, styrene free, high dimensional stability, very slight post shrinkage, good mechanical properties, nonflammable, very good electrical properties, high temperature stability, UL listed


Explosion proof switches, safety switch housings, telecommunications technology, electric motor clamp boards, wiring devices, housing parts, toaster panels, waffle iron covers, iron heat shield, oven strips, oven knobs and regulator knobs, neon tubes end parts and bases

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Additional Characteristic A, UL, D, LB
Apparent Density ISO 60 0,92 g/cm³
Ball Indentation Hardness H961/30 ISO 2039/P1 425 MPa
Charpy Impact Strength 23°C ISO 179-1 eU 7,0 kJ/m²
Charpy Notched Impact Strength ISO 179-1 eA 4,0 kJ/m²
Compression - Moulding shrinkage ISO 2577 0,13 %
Compression - Post shrinkage ISO 2577 0,01 %
Compressive Strength Test Specimen Flat Tested ISO 604 250 MPa
Density 23°C ISO 1183 2,1 g/cm³
Dissipation Factor 100 Hz, Following IEC 60250 0,01
Electric Strength 1mm Thickness, Short Term, Electrode Layout P25mm/P25mm in Transformer Oil Equivalent to IEC 60296 IEC 60243-P1 27,5 kV/mm
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 15000 MPa
Flexural Strength 2mm/min ISO 178 105 MPa
Injection - Moulding Shrinkage ISO 2577 0 %
Injection - Post Shrinkage ISO 2577 0 %
Proof Tracking Index Test Liquid A IEC 60112 600 PTI
Relative Permittivity 100 Hz, Following IEC 60250 5,5
Surface Resistivity Following IEC 60093 1E+12 Ohm
Temp. of Deflection Under Load HDT C-8,0 MPa ISO 75-2 205 °C
Tensile Modulus 1mm/min, Elongation e1 0,05%; e2 0,25% ISO 527 - 1/2 MPa
Tensile Strength 5mm/min ISO 527 - 1/2 0 MPa
Volume Resistivity Following IEC 60093 1E+13 Ohm*cm
Water Absorption 24h / 23°C, Following ISO 62 13 mg

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