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Duresta™ 10GP


Duresta 10GP acid scavenger is the glycidyl ester of a highly branched monocarboxylic acid with an excellent reactivity towards carboxylic acids:

 Chemical reaction - esterification Duresta


Duresta 10GP glycidyl ester is used as an acid scavenger to reduce the acid value of esters, polyesters resins and polymers. It is usually dosed to these products at the end of their chemical synthesis when they are still at elevated temperature. The unique reaction characteristics and properties make Duresta 10GP glycidyl ester attractive for a wide variety of applications, particularly those requiring very low acid values such as synthetic lubricants, high performance polyesters and specialty ester based polymers. Typically, the derived products have an improved hydrolytic stability due to their extremely low acid value.


Usually, 4.3 to 30 mg/g Duresta 10GP glycidyl ester is used per mg/g KOH of acid value reduction desired. Excess product may be removed by vacuum distillation1

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance Clear liquid, free from suspended matter Visual
Color 50 max. Pt-Co ASTM D1209
Epoxy Group Content* 4100 - 4250 mmol/kg SMS 2026
Water Content 0.1 max % m/m ASTM D4672

*Epoxy Equivalent Weight, 235 – 244 g/mol

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Boiling Range 5%-90% (v/v) at 101.3 kPa 251 - 278 °C ASTM D86
Density At t (When 15ºC = t = 40ºC) 0.9760-0.00065 t kg/L ASTM D4052
Flash Point (PMCC) 126 °C ASTM D93
Molecular Formula C₁₃H₂₄O₃ Visual
Solidification point below -60 °C ASTM D97
Solubility of Cardura E10P in Water at 20°C 0.01 % m/m
Solubility of water in Cardura E10P at 20°C 0.7 % m/m
Specific Heat at 25°C 1.733 kJ/kg °C ASTM D3418
Thermal Conductivity at 25°C 0.142 W/m°C
Vapour Pressure at 37.8ºC 0.9 kPa ASTM D323
Viscosity at 25°C 7.13 mPa.s ASTM D445
Viscosity at 100°C 1.31 mPa.s ASTM D445
Viscosity at 125°C 0.94 mPa.s ASTM D445
Viscosity at 150°C 0.72 mPa.s ASTM D445