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Durite™ Resin PD-1672


High purity cresol formaldehyde resin


PD-1672 is used in semiconductor photoresist applications

Typical Properties


Target Value 


PD-1672 Slow


PD-1672 Fast


Crushed solid

Bulk dissolution rate, 2.38% TMAH developer, PAB 110°C/60 seconds

ca. 60 - 140Å/sec

ca. 50 - 200Å/sec

ca. 140 - 240Å/sec

Average molecular weight, GPC

ca. 9000 – 14000 g/mol

ca. 7000 – 14000 g/mol

ca. 6000 – 10000 g/mol

Free cresol content, GC

max 1.0%

Individual trace metal content, GFAA

max 500 ppb

Karl Fisher water content

max 0.5%

Tests are made in accordance with the current Hexion Standard Test Method and are available upon request.The typical properties provided are examples of product attributes and may not be tested.