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On February 1, 2022, Hexion Holdings Corporation announced that it has completed the sale of its Coatings and Composite businesses, which includes the epoxy specialty resins and base epoxy resins and intermediates product lines, to Westlake Chemical Corporation. For epoxy coatings and composite product inquiries, please contact customer service at or

Durite™ Resin PD-1672


High purity cresol formaldehyde resin


PD-1672 is used in semiconductor photoresist applications

Typical Properties


Target Value 


PD-1672 Slow


PD-1672 Fast


Crushed solid

Bulk dissolution rate, 2.38% TMAH developer, PAB 110°C/60 seconds

ca. 60 - 140Å/sec

ca. 50 - 200Å/sec

ca. 140 - 240Å/sec

Average molecular weight, GPC

ca. 9000 – 14000 g/mol

ca. 7000 – 14000 g/mol

ca. 6000 – 10000 g/mol

Free cresol content, GC

max 1.0%

Individual trace metal content, GFAA

max 500 ppb

Karl Fisher water content

max 0.5%

Tests are made in accordance with the current Hexion Standard Test Method and are available upon request.The typical properties provided are examples of product attributes and may not be tested.

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