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EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 195


EPIKURE Curing agent 195 is a phenol-free Mannich base type curing agent of low viscosity and high reactivity.


o          Low viscosity

o          High reactivity and cure down to 0°C

o          Suitable for formulation of high solids and solvent-free paints

o          Imparts good mechanical  performance

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Basic Nitrogen Content 7.7 - 8.5 % m/m ASTM D2896
Color 4 max. Gardner ASTM D1544
Viscosity at 25°C 0.5 - 0.9 Pa.s ASTM D2896

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Density at 25°C 1.09 kg/L ASTM D792
Hydrogen equivalent weight 103 g/eq Calculated
Recommended Proportion with EPIKOTE™ Resin 828 LVEL 55 - 60 phr Calculated