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Asia Pacific

EPON™ Resin 164 - Europe


EPON Resin 164 is a solid epoxy (cresol) novolac. It contains the high thermal stability of the novolac backbone with the versatility, reactivity and chemical resistance of epoxy resins.


  • Low saponifiable chlorine
  • Low melt viscosity
  • Easily ground into uniform particle size
  • Imparts improved moisture resistance


Sales Specification

特性 标准 单位 测试方法
Colour* 6 max Gardner ASTM D1544
Epoxy Group Content 4167 - 5000 mmol/kg ASTM D1652
Viscosity* at 25°C 35 - 50 mPa.s** ASTM D445

* 60% (m:m) solution in methyl ethyl ketone, prepared according to SMS 1595
** 1 mPa.s = 1 cPoise

Typical Properties

特性 标准 单位 测试方法
Epoxy Molar Mass 200 - 240 g/eq* ASTM D1652
Hydrolysable chlorine Appr. 600 mg/kg SMS 2739
Total Chloride Appr. 1500 mg/kg SMS 2873

*    number of grams of resin containing 1 equivalent of epoxide (Weight per equivalent, WPE, is an alternative term).