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EPON™ Resin 824


EPON™ Resin 824 is a liquid epoxy resin that was developed for high crystallization resistance. This product is a modified bisphenol A based resin with low viscosity that does not contain reactive diluents, benzyl alcohol or solvents.


  • Higher performance and crystallization resistance compared to alternative low viscosity, liquid epoxy resins
  • Very good wetting and adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces
  • Resin viscosity comparable to a standard Bis F liquid resin

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Color 1 max. Gardner ASTM D1544
Weight per Epoxide 192 - 204 g/eq ASTM D1652

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Density at 25°C 9.6 lb/gal ASTM D1475
Viscosity at 25°C 40 - 70 P ASTM D445