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Prime Plus™ Proppants


Prime Plus Product Photo

Prime Plus™ proppants are advanced, curable resin coated sand available in 30/50 and 40/70 mesh sizes. Designed for use in the major basins of North America, Prime Plus proppants have a proven history of success in the field. Incorporating Hexion’s Stress Bond™ technology, the proppant bonds in the fracture with closure stress, providing high conductivity and proppant flowback control.

Typical Applications

Fracture treatments:

  • At closure stress up to 12,000 psi [83 MPa]
  • At bottom-hole static temperatures from 160 - 450°F [71 - 232°C]

Technical Advantages and Benefits

  • High conductivity – improved post treatment well production
  • Lower fines generation/migration – higher long-term fracture flow capacity 
  • Proppant flowback control – higher production rates/reduced wellbore cleanouts

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Absolute Volume 0.385 [0.0461], 0.386 [0.0463] cm³/g [gal/lb]
API Mesh Size 30/50, 40/70
Bulk Density 1.45 [12.1], 1.45 [12.1] g/cm³ [lb/gal]
Color light green
Compatibility Fully compatible with most commonly used fracturing fluids, both water and oil-based systems. Testing with fluids prior to pumping is advised.
Composition resin coated frac sand
Median Particle Diameter 0.4513, 0.2992 mm
Particle Size Distribution meets or exceeds API RP 19C
Physical State solid granule
Pipe Fill Factor 0.690 [0.0826], 0.690 [0.0826] cm³/g [gal/lb]
Resin Type thermosetting, curable
Solubility in Water, Brine & HCl nil weight %
Solubility in HCl/HF acid, API RP 19C ≤ 3 weight %
Solubility In Oil nil weight %
Specific Gravity 2.60, 2.59
Turbidity < 250 NTU (FTU)