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Resonance™ TL91-805_D


Resonance TL91-805_D is a high functionality aromatic nitrogen polyether polyol that is delivered in liquid form.

 Hydroxyl Type  Primary aliphatic 
 Polyol Functionality  Nominal 5.4 
 Delivery Form   Liquid 


Resonance TL91-805_D is suitable for polyurethane rigid foam applications such as spray polyurethane foams and insulation panels.


Resonance TL91-805_D polyol is reactive with isocyanate, has high aromaticity and nitrogen content and exhibits higher functionality than a Mannich-based polyol.
  • Eliminate or reduce aliphatic polyether polyols
  • Reduce emissions through reduced levels of common amine emissive catalysts
  • Improve reaction to fire or reduce fire-retardant additives
  • Improve mechanical properties such as dimensional stability
  • Compatible with several commonly used fire retardants, polyols and blowing agents
  • including HFOs
  • Water resistant

Product Features

Resonance TL91-805_D polyol is autocatalytic and designed to be used in formulated polyol blends for rigid polyurethane foam applications. The product is 100% ethylene oxide capped and, with the amine content, exhibits high reactivity.

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Hydroxyl number 350 mg/g
Acid value 0.5 max mg/g
Water Content 0.3 max. %
Specific gravity at 20°C 1.19 g/cm³
Viscosity at 25 °C (Brookfield Viscometer) 12,500 mPa.s
Please note that these values are not specifications


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