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Versatic™ Acid 5


VersaticTM Acid 5 is the smallest possible tertiary carboxylic acid. Other chemical names are pivalic acid, 2,2- (or alpha,alpha-) di-methylpropionic acid, tri-methylacetic acid and neo-pentanoic acid. Its structure is represented as:


Versatic acid 5


Versatic Acid 5 is a white colourless solid at ambient temperatures, liquid at 40°C, and having a pungent odour.


Versatic Acid 5 is a key intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of products, which typically show excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to various chemical agents. This is due to the branched Versatic structure combined with the tertiary nature of its alpha-carbon atom. This is especially demonstrated in comparison with its linear and secondary equivalents.

Versatic Acid 5 is used mainly in the form of its chloride, pivaloyl chloride, produced by reaction with e.g. phosgene, PCl3 or thionylchloride. Pivaloyl chloride is used as intermediate in the production of several peroxy-esters for polymer production, as intermediate for agrochemicals and for the production of semi-synthetic penicillin, e.g. amoxicillin.

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance 20°C White crystalline solid LPM 5037
Appearance 40°C Clear liquid LPM 5037
Color 50 max Pt-Co ASTM D1209
Purity 99.0 min % m/m LPM 5108
Water 0.1 max % m/m ASTM E203


Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Acid Value 544 mg KOH/g ASTM D1980
Boiling Point at 760 mm Hg 163.5 °C ASTM D1078
Density at 40°C 0.91 - 0.92 kg/L ASTM D1298
Flash Point (PMC) 64 °C ASTM D93
Miscibility With Water Slightly
Odour Pungent
Pour Point 33.5 °C ASTM D97
Refractive Index 1.388 nᴰ50 ASTM D1218
Solubility in Water at 20°C 2.5 % m/v
Vapor Pressure at 37.8ºC 0.317 kPa ASTM D323
Vapor Pressure at 70°C 1.86 kPa ASTM D323