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Market Innovation

Hexion’s application development centers, located in every major region of the world, are continually developing new products and processes to deliver value for our customers worldwide. 

In 2017, we received the Health and Safety Award from the Composites UK Trade Association at the Association’s 2017 Industry Awards Dinner in Birmingham for our development of a series of lower emitting formaldehyde Cellobond™ phenolic resin for the composite industry, while maintaining its inherent FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) properties (EN45545-2 rail standard). This resin contains one-tenth the free formaldehyde of previous systems resulting in reduced emissions during composite manufacturing while maintaining the reliable performance of phenolic resins.

Sustainable Collaboration

Hexion’s partnership with the University of Stuttgart in Germany is a perfect example of what great collaboration can do. Integrating design with engineering, an interdisciplinary group at the University of Stuttgart created the forest-like structure.  This project highlights the importance of engineering in our daily lives.

The Elytra Filament Pavilion is a perfect example of a novel and forward-thinking architectural concept that required specialized materials to construct and inspired by nature.  

It is made entirely of wound glass and carbon fiber composite filaments—based on Hexion’s advanced epoxy resin technology. The pavilion is a movable, reconfigurable outdoor shelter made up of around 40 interchangeable components.

To form each “cell,” a robot wound glass and carbon fibers saturated with Hexion’s EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS™ LR135/LH 138 back and forth across a hexagonal framework.

Supply Chain

By locating a Hexion manufacturing facility adjacent to the Luling, La. Monsanto site we were able to eliminate the need for railcar shipments between our sites. The 120 railcar shipments represents a CO2 reduction of over 2,000 metric tons of CO2 per year. This partnership also reduces the risk of potential environmental releases and health and safety risk at both sites by eliminating the handling and the need to steam rail cars after unloading – further reducing the site’s energy consumption and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Delivering Clear Benefits for Everyone

Hexion is leading the way, with technologies that can help reduce emissions from paints and coatings as they cure. We are a global leader in waterborne epoxy systems for metal and concrete coatings. Our waterborne epoxy systems maintain very low VOCs without sacrificing performance.

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