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Sustainability Goals and Commitment

Hexion’s sustainability goals are the key to ensure we align our values and focus to meet the expectations of our key stakeholders—such as associates, suppliers and customers and others. 

In 2020, Hexion completed an updated materiality assessment. During that assessment we engaged with various internal and external stakeholders and supplemented that data with additional insights from the AI and Big Data power of Datamaran. From this assessment we can focus our efforts and energy on sustainability goals that are most important to our stakeholders as well as to Hexion. The materiality assessment identified the following topics to be most important: 

  • Product Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • Climate Change
  • Associate Safety and Well-being
  • Product Stewardship
  • Spills and Environmental Releases

While not limiting our sustainability efforts to these focus areas alone, these topics drove our bold goal discussions. Based on our material topics, we have arrived at the following bold goals:

Climate ChangeMinimizing Climate Change Impact

Hexion will strive to protect against climate change throughout its business lifecycle by efficiently using natural resources, optimizing existing processes and enhancing products and technologies through continuous innovation. We will reduce our absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030 based on a 2017 baseline and are assembling our scope 3 emissions.

Innovative ProductsDeveloping Innovative Sustainable Products

Hexion is committed that by 2030, all new products will incorporate sustainable attributes. A sustainable product is one that has one or more of the following attributes within the full value chain: improving energy efficiency, reducing material consumption, increasing use of sustainable raw materials, contributing to the circular economy and/or mitigating climate change, among others.

Worker Well BeingEnhancing Worker Safety/Well-being

By 2022, Hexion will offer a voluntary well-being program that addresses associate physical, mental, and financial well-being​ with the goal of 50% associate participation in the program by 2025. ​Hexion’s Well-being index in the Gallup engagement survey will be in the 50th percentile. Hexion remains committed to “Get Zero, Get Home” and driving to zero associate and contractor recordable injuries.

Reducing SpillsReducing Spills and Releases

Hexion has committed to reduce spill mass and releases by 80 percent by 2025. 

Product StewardshipMaintaining Product Stewardship

Hexion remains committed to implementing the Responsible Care Product Safety Code and will continue to be transparent and communicate to key stakeholders regarding its stewardship programs such as risk reviews and reduction of substances of concern.

Addressing climate change starts with Responsible Chemistry. From the demand for energy efficiency to creating bio-based and circular products, science and chemistry play an important role in addressing climate change as we positively address our carbon footprint. See Hexion’s Climate Change Policy.

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