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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Automotive Brake Systems

Hexion has decades of expertise in phenolic resin systems for automotive disc brake pads, drum brake linings and clutch facings, helping customers:

  • Increase productivity
  • Meet varied process criteria
  • Meet varied performance criteria

We offer a wide selection of unmodified and modified resins, in both liquid and solid (powder) forms. Our resins are compatible with numerous friction material formulations and manufacturing processes including:

  • Compression molding--cold, warm or hot
  • Impregnation
  • Saturation
Disc Brake PadsDrum Brake LiningsClutch FacingsBacking Plate AdhesiveReduced Cycle TimeImproved Product Stability at Higher TemperaturesFlexible Processing in Various FormulationsImproved Noise Reduction (NVH) PerformanceIncreased Flexibility for High Fiber FormulationsExpanded Operating Process WindowModification
Bakelite® PF0229RP
Bakelite® J1077H
Bakelite® FD - 2170
Bakelite® FD-G128
Bakelite® PF9753RP
Bakelite® FD-518D
Bakelite® FL-1251EImproved metal adhesion & high shear strength
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