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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Refractories

Hexion is a long-time leader in thermoset resin technology for the refractory industry. Our Bakelite portfolio of high-strength, lower VOC phenolic resin products can be used in the production of highly durable:

  • Shaped products
  • Unshaped products
  • Impregnation products

Bakelite phenolic resins for refractories are offered as:

  • Resoles
  • Novolacs
  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Reduced odor formulations

They can be used in a variety of refractory production processes:

  • Cold mixing
  • Warm mixing
  • Hydraulic pressing
  • Isostatic pressing
  • Casting
  • Impregnation
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Bakelite® PRP-310*
 Bakelite® PF8495FL** 
 Bakelite® PF9950FL**
Bakelite® PF0235DP   
 Bakelite® PF8593FL   
Bakelite® PF6227FP
 Bakelite® PF7536FL
   Bakelite® PF7607 FL   
     Bakelite® PF8978 FL01  
      Bakelite® PF7186 FP
 Bakelite® PF6332 FL01

* Recommended solvent for this product is TH15
** Use with a powder resin such as Bakelite® PF6227FP for optimum performance

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