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AQUAREOUS™ Epoxy Resin Systems

Preserve and protect the future by lowering VOC emissions towards zero

The European commission aims to reduce the direct and indirect effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the environment and improve human health by establishing emission limits and by regulating the operating conditions for installations that use organic solvents.1

Solvent emissions play a significant role in the formation of ozone and fine particulates in the atmosphere that can trigger health issues. To protect the global environment and improve human health, the coatings market needs waterborne epoxy systems without any added cosolvents.   

For forty years, Hexion’s goal has been to provide you with improved waterborne epoxy systems that reduce solvent emissions, ultimately improving your plant operations and your health.

Eliminate co-solvents from paints

AQUAREOUS™ epoxy systems from Hexion have proven to reduce the VOC levels of the coatings by up to 100% (from 100 g/L down to 0 g/L) while still providing the superior performance of standard solvent-borne epoxy coatings.

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Your benefits

  • Faster return to service
  • Higher performance
  • Cost savings

Faster return to service

Solvent-free AQUAREOUS systems can provide faster return to service compared to conventional waterborne epoxy systems.

Figure 1

Higher performance

AQUAREOUS system provides equally high level corrosion resistance on steel, when formulated without cosolvent and delivers excellent pull-off strength on concrete.

Figure 3
Figure 4Figure 4-2

Cost savings

Eliminating cosolvents can reduce overall cost beyond raw material savings, by cutting hidden costs associated to cosolvent consumption.

Figure 5

With AQUAREOUS Systems, formulators can take their waterborne epoxy coatings all the way towards zero solvent content. Imagine a future where your customers have emission-free epoxy coatings that protect metal or concrete and offer faster return to service and higher performance; while bringing cost savings to your company.

Figure 6

To learn more about AQUAREOUS™ epoxy systems from Hexion, please contact us to request product information and samples.

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