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Epoxy Systems for Pressure Tanks

We offer epoxy resin systems for producing Type III & IV hydrogen, compressed (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks with excellent strength and chemical resistance. Our products support filament winding, towpreg and pultrusion processing.

Pressure Tanks

EPIKOTETM Resin SystemsCuring Conditions
Time[min]Temp[oC]Glass Transition
Temp [°C] (DSC Midpoint)
Process Typical Applications 
EP Resin 04976
EK 04976
120 min + 180 min80oC-140oC130oC-140oCFilament Winding PultrusionLNG / CNG tanks approved for Type III and suitable for Type IV
 Remarks:Portlife of >20 hours AT 20oC. 
EP L 1100
EK 943
45 min80oC120oC-130oCFilament WindingLNG / CNG tanks approved for Type IV
 Remarks: Potlife of ~2h at 25oC. Excellent mechanical performance. 
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