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Phenolic Resins for Semiconductor Photoresist Formulations

Bakelite® and Durite™ phenolic/cresylic resins are ideal for photoresist formulations used to manufacture components for the microelectronics industry. Optimized monomer ratios and controlled processing allow Hexion to produce a resin portfolio with a range of molecular weights and dissolution rates. Benefits of our resins include:

  • Improved resolution
  • Better sensitivity
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Excellent substrate adhesion

These resins are specifically designed for g-line, i-line and advanced i-line photoresist processes.

Dissolution RateMolecular WeightProductRemarks
Very SlowSlowModerateFastVery FastLowMediumHIGigh  
Durite Resin D_PD-427A Reduced Exposure Time
Durite™ PD-1623
Durite™ PD-1642
Durite™ PD-1630
Durite Resin PD-1672 Improved Film Thickness Retention
Durite Resin D_PD-126A