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Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Foam Thermal Insulation Panels

Bakelite phenolic resins are the material of choice for foam panels used in thermal insulation. Our resins offer a range of benefits including:

  • Low lambda (thermal conductivity)
  • Increased compression strength
  • Decreased friability
  • Excellent fire safety properties
  • Compatible with a wide variety of blowing agents
  • Compatible with a wide variety of surfactant packages
  • Solutions for direct injection foam used in sandwich insulation panels

Our phenolic resins can be engineered to achieve the foam characteristics you desire, under your manufacturing process and conditions.

BlockContinuous Low Lamda (Low Transmittance)High Closed Cell ContentIncreased Compression StrengthDecreased FriabilityReduced EmissionsImproved Productivity in Fast Foaming Processes
Bakelite® PF 1153
Bakelite® PF F9730
Bakelite® PF F9710
Bakelite® PF F9740
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