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INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System Saves Time and Money

Epoxy floor coatings typically combine a liquid epoxy resin with a cycloaliphatic amine. To protect the epoxy coating layer from abrasion and UV-degradation, a polyurethane topcoat is applied. However, this means:

  • Exposure to isocyanates 
  • Longer down times before return to service
  • Higher application costs

To overcome these shortcomings, a solvent-free, ultra-low yellowing epoxy system with improved hardness development has been developed for floor coatings on concrete.  

The INFINIUM Epoxy System saves time and money because it can be used in a single layer coating formulation that acts as a primer with superior adhesion and as a topcoat with improved yellowing resistance. This approach saves time for the applicator or contractor and provides a way for manufacturers to increase margins. This new system combines EPON LY™ Resin 1810 with EPIKURE LY™ Curing Agent 3801. It has been developed for indoor durable formulations to protect concrete or wood.  

Features of this new lower yellowing epoxy system include:

  • Lower yellowing
  • Faster reactivity
  • Reduced application costs

Lower Yellowing

The INFINIUM™ Epoxy System is significantly lower yellowing after 250 hours of QUV-A exposure. This performance is without any HALS or UV-absorbers! This superior yellowing resistance continues out to 500 hours of QUV-A testing when the evaluation was stopped.

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Faster Reactivity

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                          A coating based on the INFINIUM System dries in only 10 hours. This is a significant time savings!

Reduced application costs

With the INFINIUM™ system, a single-coat application can replace traditional two-coat systems. This saves time for the contractor and reduces down-time for the owner’s business.

Building a Better, Safer, Cleaner Future 

To protect workers, save time and money and develop solvent-free coatings, the epoxy market needs a new binder system that is suitable for concrete and wood (non-metal coatings).  With the INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing System, our customers can formulate coatings that are lower yellowing (like a polyurethane) and provide typical epoxy protection.

Suitable Applications

Solvent-free epoxy coatings based on the INFINIUM system are suitable for applications such as:

  • Floor coatings for warehouses
  • Automotive or aerospace hangers
  • Bar or countertop coatings


To learn more about INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System, contact us for further details.

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