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Molding Compounds for Commutator Applications 

For automotive, household and industrial applications Hexion’s thermosetting molding compounds are utilized when there must be a combination of:

  • Good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance
  • Rigidity, surface hardness
  • High elastic modulus and
  • Good solvent resistance.

Very small amounts of molding compound must not only provide electrical insulation but also anchor the copper lamella and ensure optimal seating of the lamella on the rotor axis at high rotational speeds, even under sever thermal stress.

From washing machine motors to fan and wiper drives, if the recommended operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained.

ProductsProduct AdvantagesProduct Strengths

Bakelite® Phenolic Molding Compounds, Resole and Novolac

Bakelite Melamine-Phenolic Molding Compounds

• Broad product range of Novolac-, Novolac/ Melamine- and Resole- molding compounds
• Very good dimensional stability
• Heat resistance
• Resembles actual practice tests
• Specific grades with very high-copper adhesion
• Insulating properties
• Permanent new developments
• No halogen-containing flame retardant
• Free from heavy metals
• Safety margins on peak temperature

Automotive Applications

  • Motor operators
  • Wiper drives
  • Siphon motors
  • Fan drives
  • Starters

Household Applications

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Washing machine motors
  • Electric fan/blower motors

Industrial Applications

  • Heavy-duty commutators
  • Power tools
ProductDescription and Application Areas
Bakelite® MP 4165Melamine/phenolic moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, good temperature stability, high level of mechanical properties, copper adhesive.
Applications: Commutators (fuel pumps, actuators, HVAC motors, fan motors, window lift motors, ABS, wiper motors, garden appliances, household appliances, power tools, universal motors).
Bakelite® PF 4136Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, ammonia and acetic acid free, electrically high grade, high temperature stability, low shrinkage, high mechanical strength.
Applications: Commutators in electric motors- ammonia free grade.
Bakelite® PF 4155Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, good media and temperature resistance. Conditioned Cu-adhesion.
Applications: Commutators in electric motors.
Bakelite® PF 4285Phenolic moulding compound, inorganically filled, glass fibre reinforced, very good media and temperature resistance, mechanically improved grade.
Applications: Commutators for wind screen wipers, adjustment motors, starter motors, ABS-systems, vacuum cleaners, power tools.
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