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Molding Compounds for Electrical and Electronics Applications

Hexion’s thermosetting molding compounds are utilized in a variety of electronic applications when there must be a combination of:

  • Good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance
  • Rigidity
  • Surface hardness
  • High elastic modulus and
  • Good solvent resistance.

Even if the recommended operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded, dimensional stability will be maintained with Hexion's molding compounds.

Specific applications for our molding compounds include:

  • LS and FI switches
  • Performance and motor safety switches
  • Energy regulators, relays, thermostats
  • Electromagnetic coils and coil forms
  • Electric and gas meters
  • Lamp sockets 


ProductsProduct AdvantagesProduct Strengths
Bakelite® Phenolic Molding Compounds
Bakelite Polyester Molding Compounds
Bakelite Epoxy Molding Compounds
  • Favorable fire behavior
  • Good thermo mechanical behavior, no cold flow
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • High strength, rigidity and surface hardness
  • Good electrical and thermal insulating properties
  • No halogen-containing flame retardant
  • Safety margins on peak temperature


Contact Support Power SwitchRotary Switch for Heat RegulationBobbins, Switches, Housing for RelaysMCB HousingElectrical Installation MaterialCross Bars, Micro SwitchesLamp Housing, Arc ChamberEnergy Regulator, ThermostatSolenoid Valves, Ignition TransformerUL Explosion Proof Switches, Safety Switch Housings
Bakelite® EP 8412        
Bakelite® UP 804         
Bakelite® UP 3415       
Bakelite® UP 3620      
Bakelite® UP 3720     
Bakelite® PF 2400   
Bakelite® PF 2736  
Bakelite® PF 2175 
Bakelite® PF 31    
Bakelite® PF 51


Increased Dimensional StabilityGood Heat ResistanceVery Good Sliding Friction PropertiesHigh Thermal Aging ResistanceVery Good Electrical Insulation BehaviourNon-Flammable Without HaloganatedGood Encapsulation Properties for InsertsGood Chemical Media ResistanceGood Crack ResistanceIncreased Tracking ResistanceGood Impact StrengthIncreased Mechanical Strength
Bakelite® EP 8412      
Bakelite® UP 804    
Bakelite® UP 3415   
Bakelite® UP 3620    
Bakelite® UP 3720  
Bakelite® PF 2400
Bakelite® PF 2736 
Bakelite® PF 2175     
Bakelite® PF 31     
Bakelite® PF 51          


Glow Wire requirements according DIN EN 60335-1 / VDE 0700 -1 Standard for domestic electrical appliance
Unsupervised appliances (250V single/480V three-phase current) for more than 0,2A current intensity
Test Results*) of Bakelite® Moulding Compounds
Bakelite® Moulding Compound TypeThickness (mm)GWFI 850°C IEC 60695-2-12 (DIN EN) (burning resp. glow time in s)Thickness (mm)GWIT 775°C IEC 60695-2-13 (DIN EN)
EP 84120.9passed (15)0.75passed
PF 311.6passed (5)1.5passed
PF 510.8passed (10)0.85passed
PF 27360.8passed (2)0.9passed
UP 8040.7passed (8)0.75passed
UP 34150.8passed (5)0.75passed
UP 36201.5passed (5)1.5passed
UP 37101.5passed (10)1.5passed
UP 37201.5passed (15)1.5passed
GWFI: Glow Wire Flammability Index
GWIT: Glow Wire Ignition Temperature
*) HEXION laboratory test result


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