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Product Sustainability

Hexion’s application development centers, located in every major region of the world, are continually developing new products and processes to deliver value for our customers worldwide. 

In 2014, we developed low-temperature curing powder coatings that reduced the energy consumption of our customers’ production processes by approximately 20 percent. Our epoxy resins have enabled our customers in the wind energy industry to increase the span of the wing from 15 meters to 252 meters over a 40-year time period, which allows for an increase in power transferred to the generator.

Sustainable Collaboration

Hexion formed a partnership with the Technical Center for the Mechanical Industry (CETIM) in France in March 2014. The collaboration provided a new automotive composite crash-box concept that reduced vehicle weight while providing equal, or better, energy absorption. Hexion’s composite technologies are maintaining performance needs while reducing the weight - leading to improved fuel economy to customers in the automotive industry.

Renewable Raw Materials

Hexion continues to explore the advantages and opportunities offered through the incorporation of renewable raw materials and recycled content into our products. Additionally, while maintaining performance capability and meeting customer specifications, we continue to integrate life-cycle assessment tools into our innovation process.

University Partnership

Through a partnership with The Ohio State University and its Sustainable Business Practices course, Hexion provided students with an opportunity to experience sustainability leadership. Over the course of a semester, the students developed a comprehensive maturity map and materiality matrix for their assigned Hexion market segment. The team reports were shared with each Hexion commercial market segment leader with the findings and recommendations considered in their ongoing strategy development. The OSU-Hexion partnership has received recognition as a best practice in stakeholder engagement by the Environmental Leader, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and