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Proppant Technologies for Oil and Gas

Hexion creates advanced chemistries to improve well economics from drilling through production. Our proppant technologies portfolio includes resin coated proppants, proppant enhancement technologies and formation water control chemicals. Hexion was the first to develop and deploy mobile resin coating technology, offering efficient in-basin proppant coating in any location.

With over 35 years of experience, we are well positioned to provide products and solutions to maximize well economics.


Resin Coated Proppants

All of Hexion's curable resin coated proppants:

  • Help prevent proppant flowback
  • Reduce proppant fines generation
  • Minimize proppant embedment
Product Typical Closure Stress, psi (MPa)Typical Temperature Range, oF (oC) Unique Benefits Helps Prevent Proppant Flowback
Specialty Curable Sands
OilPlus™ Proppants OilPlus™ Proppants 8,000 (16/30), 10,000
(20/40, 30/50, 40/70)
120-450 High Oil ProductionYes
kRT™ 100 Proppant kRT™ 100 Proppant 12,000 110-450 (43-232) Microfracture
Premium Curable Sands
Prime Plus™ Proppants Prime Plus™ Proppants 10,000 (16/30, 20/40),
12,000 (30/50, 40/70)
130-450 (16/30, 20/40),
110-450 (30/50, 40/70)
High Conductivity Yes
Low Temperature Curable Sands
Black Ultra™ Proppants Black Ultra™ Proppants 8,000 (16/30, 20/40),
10,000 (30/50, 40/70)
90-450 Ultra-Low Temperature
Yukon Black™ Proppants (Canada Only) Yukon Black™ Proppants (Canada Only) 8,000 (55)75-160 (24-71) Ultra-Low Temperature
Economical Curable Sand
kRT Proppants (U.S. Only) kRT Proppants            8,000 (16/30, 20/40),
10,000 (30/50, 40/70)
140-450 (16/30, 20/40)
110-450 (30/50, 40/70)
Economical Bonding Yes
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Curable Ceramics
XRT™ Ceramax™ P Proppants XRT™ Ceramax™ P Proppants > 14,000 175-450 Resin Coated Bauxite for HPHT Conditions Yes
XRT Ceramax V Proppant XRT Ceramax V Proppants14,000 175-450 Intermediate Ceramic for HPHT Conditions Yes
XRT Ceramax E Proppants XRT Ceramax E Proppants 12,000 175-450 Lightweight Ceramic for HPHT Conditions Yes
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Precured Sand
PR6000™ Proppant PR6000™ Proppants8,000 70-450 Completely Cured Resin
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Proppant Enhancement Technologies

Sentinel™ dust suppressant mitigates the respirable silica dust generated by uncoated frac sand.

PropShield™ additive is designed specifically for uncoated frac sand completions to significantly reduce proppant flowback.

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Consolidation Aids

AcTivator™ consolidation aids allow for proppant pack consolidation at low temperatures.

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Formation Fines Control

Fines-Sta™ fines control agent provides enhanced well stimulation during hydraulic fracturing treatments and acidizing procedures.

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Water Management

AquaBond™ formation water reduction technology reduces the production of formation water while improving oil and gas production.

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Outside of North America: Please contact Customer Servicefor information on product availability in your region.


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