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Wind Energy

Changing the way
the world is powered


30 Years ago, an industry dedicated to creating a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels was born.

We were there, helping the first fiber-reinforced rotor blades harness the power of wind. Today, our epoxy composite systems continue to help make blades bigger, lighter, stronger, more durable – and more cost efficient. These huge blades displace more air, capturing more energy and making wind energy affordable.

Every day, our technical experts can be found working hand-in-hand with customers to deliver complete solutions. They’re improving processes, enhancing quality, and driving out cost. We’re proud to partner with the wind energy industry to build a more responsible future.


Making big blades

Our epoxy technology, molded with glass and carbon fiber, enables turbine blades the size of an Airbus 380.

Size of Airbus 380

The infusion pioneer

We are a pioneer in resin infusion technology – the process used to manufacture today’s wind blades. Our products enable the automation of this process, resulting in faster production of high-quality blades.

Years pioneering
 resin infusion technology

Unrivaled expertise

Our wind experts are practically celebrities. They are known throughout the industry for their understanding of the technology, industry, and path forward. Backed by a GL-accredited test lab, our global team of wind experts are answering our energy needs through clean wind energy.

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