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Relatório de Sustentabilidade 2022 já está disponível

Na Hexion, estamos construindo e protegendo o futuro usando a ciência inovadora hoje. Veja como fazemos isso em nosso último relatório de sustentabilidade.


We are the adhesive in sustainable construction.


Guard the Grid

Ensure grid stability with ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield

We have a responsibility...

We have a responsibility to use chemistry in a way that makes this world better, safer and cleaner. We are Responsible Chemistry.

What we do best


Our adhesives for various wood applications and epoxy systems offer a wide range of processing and performance characteristics for formulating adhesives that bond wood, metals, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics, cloth, paper, polyesters or thermoplastic rubber.

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Coating & Composites

Our resins and advanced materials can enable innovation. From lighter weight, mass-producible composite parts... to brake components that are quieter with more stopping power... to low-VOC coatings that offer superior appearance.

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