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We are Responsible Chemistry

We are pioneers of a higher chemistry forged from generations of innovative thinking and focused on addressing the most pressing issues of our times.
How we got here
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We enable sustainable construction

From renewable wood-base building materials to the products that protect our critical infrastructures, our adhesives help shelter and protect the world.
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We guard the grid

For protection when it counts most, ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield helps keep communities connected and protected from the damaging effects of wildfires.
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We are problem solvers

Whether it's addressing challenges related to climate change or helping our customers achieve their goals of creating stronger, faster, and cleaner solutions, innovation is what we do every day.
How we innovate
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We are committed to a more sustainable tomorrow

Improving our sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Hexion. Delve into our comprehensive report to see exactly how we’re living out that value.
Our Sustainability Report

We build (and protect) the places you call home.

From adhesives that create stronger and more sustainable wood composites, to the VeoVa performance materials that make coatings last longer and look better—you can find Hexion’s enabling technologies everywhere you look. Whether you’re looking to increase the strength, performance or safety of your products, Hexion’s leading technology platform addresses critical performance attributes for our customers (and their customers’) products. In other words, we can help you achieve your goals.

The versatility of adhesives

Our adhesive solutions are well known for bonding woods and can also be used for other applications like metals, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics, cloth, paper, polyesters, and even thermoplastic rubber. Get ready for industry-leading performance benefits in every application.

High performance materials

Whether you want to maintain your car’s luster or enhance the durability of architectural coatings, our Versatic™ Acid and Derivatives have a proven track record of cost-effective performance and the ability to enable lower VOC-emission formulations. We are constantly adapting our application development pipeline to answer manufacturers’ increasing need for sustainable, durable, and low VOC coating solutions.

Defending lives and infrastructure

Safety is our top priority—always. Our cutting-edge fire safety solutions are trusted in various sectors, from telecommunication to housing, to protect critical infrastructure against the destructive forces of fire.

Build better,
safer, cleaner

Hexion's impact in numbers


Silver 2023 EcoVadis Sustainability Rating             Energy Star Award 2024 Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence


utility poles safeguarded by ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield.


of your home could be composed of Hexion products


lower emission from our building materials since the 70s



lower lifecycle emissions than steel or concrete houses

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Our History

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We're your innovation ally

We're not just a supplier—we're your technical partner, armed with over 150 years of innovation and expertise.

We get it. Your industry is complex, and you face unique challenges every day. That's why our Applied Technology teams are here to support you. Whether you need to fine-tune a formulation for your specific production conditions or find ways to boost efficiency and quality, our applications experts can provide clear, accurate solutions that supercharge your products—making them stronger, faster, safer, and even more cost-effective.

Your trusted partner for safe & reliable distribution

Our legacy is built on a foundation of trust, customer responsiveness, and unmatched technical expertise

We understand the critical role a flexible and reliable partner plays in your daily operations. That's why we've built our organization to ensure seamless product delivery wherever and whenever you need it. Our sophisticated distribution network, backed by cutting-edge analytics and decades of logistics expertise, empowers our team to streamline the delivery process. The result? Faster delivery times that you can count on, every time.

Creating a sustainable legacy—together.

The power of small steps
leading to big changes for a
more sustainable world

From reducing emissions to conserving resources, we're committed to making a positive impact. But we don't stop there. We're constantly pushing the boundaries of chemistry and harnessing the potential of our enabling technologies to deliver high-performance materials that are not only innovative but also environmentally-preferred.

Our Sustainability Mission

Join our team.
Shape the future.

If you're passionate about building a better future for generations to come, you’re in the right place. With Hexion, you'll be at the forefront of sustainable energy and natural resource utilization with the chance to collaborate with renowned brands and redefine the standards of safety, ethics, and responsibility in the specialty materials industry. We call this Responsible Chemistry—and we want you to help shape it.

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