The Key to High-Performance Materials

Versatic acids play a crucial role in creating materials with excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to heat and to attack from a wide variety of chemical agents. Versatic acids have excellent solubility in non-polar compounds such as solvents, organic polymers and plastics, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of systems. 

Closeup of water drops on glass
It's like having a shield of protection for different materials, making them super tough.

These properties originate from the highly branched alkyl groups that contain a tertiary alpha carbon atom. The improved performance is especially clear compared to linear and secondary acids.

Take a closer look at our Versatic acid products:

Versatic™ Acid 10

Your Safer* High-performance Alternative to 2‑Ethylhexanoic Acid

*Safer to use as a non-classified material under GHS with no signal word and no known significant HS&E effects or critical hazards