Utility poles near a wildfire at dusk

ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield

Your Fire Safety Protection

Meet ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield from Hexion, the smart technology solution that takes fire safety to a whole new level. When faced with fire's heat, this shield activates by swelling to protect the pole and prevent catastrophic failure.

How ArmorBuilt Works

ArmorBuilt is a wrap that is easily affixed to wooden utility poles, both new and existing installations. Merging fire science and smart materials, the ArmorBuilt covering instantly swells and seals around the pole during a fire to create a protective and effective heat insulation.

  • Activates within 20 seconds when in contact with wildfire
  • Prevents burning, strength loss and pole failure
  • Withstands flames with temperatures up to 2,100°F¹
¹ Third-party-certified Wildfire Simulation Testing (SWrI/EDM) of wood poles secured with one and two layers of protective wrap revealed no char or strength loss when engulfed in 12-foot swirling, open flame at temperatures of 2,100°F for a duration of 3 minutes.

² Over 2.5 years of continuous Quantitative Ultra-Violet (QUV) testing, correlating to 30+ years of North American UV exposure, have demonstrated ArmorBuilt’s ability to withstand the damaging effects of long-term UV light exposure. QUV refers to Q-Lab’s line of weathering test machines. The method used is ASTM G 154, Cycle 7, which continuously repeats a cycle consisting of 8-hour UV exposure at 60ºC (140ºF), 15 minutes of water spray and 3.75 hours of condensation (humidity) at 50ºC (122ºF). This test is widely used in the coatings and plastics industries.

ArmorBuilt Wildfire Shield is part of Hexion's overall commitment to responsible chemistry. We are focused on creating new products with sustainable attributes, which, in this case, are intended to save lives and protect critical infrastructure in a fire. Initially we’ve focused on addressing the need of extending the lifespan of wooden utility poles, and we believe our ArmorBuilt wrap can provide safety and performance for a variety of industries.

Scott McIntyre
Director – North American Resins and Fire Safety

When you choose ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield,

you become a part of something bigger – a movement focused on saving wood utility poles to save critical infrastructure and lives.

Key attributes of ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield

Smart Material

A state-of-the-art smart material that is triggered by heat, which protects a renewably sourced power infrastructure – wooden utility poles – while substantially minimizing the cost of disruption and repair.

Third-Party Tested

ArmorBuilt™ has aced the industry-approved wildfire simulation burn test, proving its fire-resistant prowess.

Multiple Industry Uses

Our ArmorBuilt product isn't just limited to utility poles. With its insulating and self-healing properties, the ArmorBuilt product provides a safe and reliable burn-prevention material for a variety of industries. From critical infrastructure to residential and commercial applications, we've got your back when it comes to fire-hardening protection.

Customized Solutions

From telecommunication to transportation, ArmorBuilt Shield can help keep communities connected and protected from the damaging effects of fire. We can innovate new products “on the fly” that meet your specific fire-protection needs. Count on our team of experts to create fully customized, fire-smart materials that put safety first.

How to Install ArmorBuilt Wildfire


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