Wax Emulsion Solutions

Enhance your industry with reliable formulations

As one of the industry's giants, Hexion proudly serves numerous industries with our conventional and specialty wax emulsions. These solutions have earned their stripes, celebrated for their unmatched performance, unwavering stability even during long storage periods, consistency, applied cost, and unwavering technical support. Customers can choose from a range of wax emulsions based on specific processing and application requirements and leverage our technical staff to make the best use of these products.

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A Global Network, A Local Approach

Our global network of manufacturing plants spans across North America, South America, and the United Kingdom, ensuring that our timely deliveries reach customers across the world.

We've perfected the art of wax emulsions across various industries, such as:

  • Composite Wood: We provide specialty wax emulsions for oriented strand board (OSB), particleboard (PB) and fiberboard (medium and high-density FB), hardboard, doors and moldings.

  • Packaging and Converting: Our specialized wax and wax-resin systems improve the manufacture of flat board stock and multi-ply paperboard using recycled pulp.

  • Coatings and Industrial Processing: Our waxes are used in coatings and in release applications for industrial processes.

  • Food-grade Applications: Our emulsions may be used as components in food packaging adhesives. Please contact your Hexion representative to obtain specific approved uses for a product of interest.

  • Construction and Other Applications: We offer wax emulsions for use in paint and edge sealer formulations and in other applications.

Wax Emulsion Applications

Wax is used in the engineered wood industry for two main reasons: water absorption and lubrication. Wax helps control water absorption and thickness swelling in a finished board, especially along the edges. This temporary water resistance is important when boards are left outside at a job site or exposed to water prior to and after installation. To ensure dimensional stability, board manufacturers must meet strict accreditation requirements on thickness swell and water absorption.

During the manufacturing process, wax also lubricates the individual fibers or flakes that make up composite boards, allowing individual particles/flakes to be transported more easily from the blender through the press.

For OSB mills, our wax emulsions provide optimal performance at reduced cost compared to molten slack waxes. Our products also meet the requirements of standard PB and medium density fiberboard mills. Hexion's Bord'N-Seal® specialty wax emulsions achieve equal or greater control over water absorption and thickness swell compared to standard products, while delivering low-foaming properties at a lower total applied cost. Our Cascowax® wax emulsions are an excellent choice when both performance and customization are required.

Hexion's specialized wax and wax-resin systems for the packaging and converting industries help manufacturers of flat board stock and multi-ply paperboard—using recycled pulp—to achieve remarkable results. These specialized emulsions impart water resistance, an improved surface finish and higher levels of opacity for white stock.

Hexion manufactures wax emulsions for use in many coating and release applications for multiple industries. Spray-on coatings and release agents for industrial processes aid in the cleanup and maintenance of equipment such as blenders and presses by creating temporary protective barriers between substrate and plant environment, and by preventing process materials from sticking during the manufacturing process. Removal of these wax barriers is easily accomplished with hot water or steam, saving on costly cleanup time.

Hexion produces several emulsions that may be used as components in food packaging adhesives — under the conditions defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (21 CFR 175.105, 176.170, and/or 176.180). Please consult the FDA regulations for other specifications and limitations which may apply. For specific uses, reach out to your Hexion representative.

Our wax emulsions find their way into paints, edge sealers, industrial coatings, fiberglass insulation, tires, pressure-treated lumber, and beyond, adding a consistent touch of neutral color while amplifying flexibility in pigmented applications.

Our wax emulsions provide better distribution of the paraffin molecule to more effectively cover the dry furnish of chips, flakes or fines when compared to a molten wax application. In addition, our products are nonflammable and emit less fumes and vapors. 

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