Versatic™ Monomers for Automotive Coatings

Automotive Coatings That Truly Shine

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For decades, Hexion’s Cardura™ E10P glycidyl ester has been a go-to ingredient for creating 2K polyurethane coatings in the automotive industry, whether it's for OEM, refinish clear coats, or CED.

With Cardura glycidyl ester, it is easy to produce low viscosity acrylic polyols (APO), which can then be used to create low-VOC solvent-borne and water-based binders.

Cardura glycidyl ester comes with some impressive advantages, like:

  • Ensures excellent substrate wetting
  • Gives a glossy, wet-look finish
  • Creates a distinctive and unique appearance, known as distinctness of image (DOI)
  • Boosts UV resistance and shields against acid etching
  • Adheres exceptionally well to plastics
  • Allows for thinner application