Versatic™ Monomers for Can, Coil and Industrial Coatings

Unleashing Hexion's Cardura™ and VeoVa™ Innovations

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Hexion’s Cardura™ E10P glycidyl ester and VeoVa™ vinyl esters enhance coating performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

With Cardura glycidyl ester, you can effortlessly produce low-viscosity acrylic polyols (APOs) that are perfect for creating eco-friendly, low-VOC solvent-borne and water-based binders. These coatings are game-changers for 1K and 2K coil, can, and general industrial applications, offering both thinness and a high-gloss finish.

Our VeoVa vinyl esters take things up a notch by empowering the production of APOs for 2K polyurethane coatings. These coatings boast significantly enhanced adhesion, weatherability, durability, and solvent resistance, making them ideal for various general industrial uses.

VeoVa™ Silane Technology

Affordable, High-Performance Coatings Without Isocyanates

The unique combination of VeoVa vinyl ester monomers and vinyl silanes creates the perfect recipe for outstanding coating performance.

These coatings can not only offer super long pot lives but also quickly develop their properties right after application. The moisture cure mechanism ensures a quick and efficient crosslinking, and fast development of the final properties. The very short dust-free time and early hardness development makes your 1K or 2K systems super productive.

Plus, coatings developed as 1K systems make life easier by simplifying handling, storage, and transportation while cutting down on waste and overall costs.

The best part? These coatings are completely isocyanate-free, which not only reduces their environmental footprint but also creates healthier working conditions.

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