Enhanced Adhesion and Durability

Durability When it comes to making redispersible powders (RDPs), the best latices often feature vinyl acetate/VeoVa™ 10 copolymer, vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer, and vinyl acetate/ethylene/VeoVa 10 terpolymer. Now, what makes VeoVa monomers a standout in RDPs is their impressive qualities, like super-high hydrophobicity and strong resistance to alkali.

Here's how these VeoVa monomer-based RDPs shine in different applications:

  • Ceramic tile adhesives benefit from improved adhesion, making work smoother and extending open time.
  • For EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System), you get better wet/dry adhesion and reduced water absorption.
  • And when it comes to roof coatings, you can count on high water resistance and elongation.

Whether you're working on ceramic tiles, EIFS, or roof coatings, VeoVa monomer-based RDPs are there for you. For more detailed info, check out the Additives for Construction section at the VeoVa house.

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