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Hexion's quest for extraordinary solutions begins by pushing the boundaries of possibility. We're talking about cutting-edge technologies, relentless R&D efforts, and breakthrough innovations—all with an eye toward sustainability.

What innovation means at Hexion

Innovation isn’t limited to grand breakthroughs—even a small change can set off a ripple effect, especially when sustained over time and applied broadly.

So how do we do it? We keep a diligent eye on the little things that matter most.

Like the time we eliminated the need for nearly 18 million pounds of fresh water in our production processes.

Or this other time when we achieved a 20% reduction in oriented strand board resin usage for one customer without sacrificing cure speeds.

And then there was the time when we enabled the creation of low- to no-VOC interior paints that can still hold up to regular bumps, spills, and scrubbing.

We’ve also expanded Hexion’s Code of Conduct with company-wide policies on Human Rights and require annual DEI associate training.

Innovating for a greener, cleaner world

We're always (and we mean always) on the lookout for ways to innovate—not only in how we do things but also in the products we create.

Our goals are to reduce energy and water use, reduce waste, reduce harmful emissions, reduce or eliminate exposure to dangerous materials, enable production of products with more longevity and durability, and enable resource extraction with minimal effect to the surrounding ecosystems.

In a nutshell, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to make a difference in the world we share. Read about a few of our projects below.

Fire Safety

Protecting critical infrastructure in the face of a changing climate


Revolutionizing Lithium extraction

A breakthrough innovation that enhances the efficiency and cost-effectiveness while supporting our client’s sustainable supply of lithium.


A bio-feedstocks breakthrough

The problem: Hexion’s customers are striving to achieve their sustainability goals. The solution: Hexion is leading the way in sustainability by adopting bio-feedstocks, such as bio-based methanol, in our production processes, delivering products with significantly lower emissions!

Leading the way in innovation

With over 90 scientists across 11 research and development sites, we boast the industry's broadest wood adhesives platform with over 700 unique SKUs. Our investment in green chemistry principles has led to remarkable results, including EcoBind™ Resin Technology, VeoVa™ Silane Technology, Cardura™ glycidyl ester, and ArmorBuilt Wildfire Shield. As pioneers in the field, we proudly own, license, or have rights to over 450 patents and 450 registered trademarks worldwide, driving sustainable solutions and transformative progress.

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Innovation, Sustainability

Customers Recognize Hexion for Partnership

Innovation, Sustainability

Hexion-Canadian Partnership for Bio-based Resins

Over 150 years of innovation at your side

Whether you need to tweak a formulation to suit the exact conditions at your site or find ways to increase speed and quality of output, there’s someone here who can do it. A century’s worth of knowledge wielded by a diverse global team can fuel the innovation you need to drive your long-term growth.

Stack of fiberboard

We provide the resins used in engineered wood products—one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. These adhesives are essential for giving structural strength to wood products like oriented strand board, plywood, and medium density fiberboard. By using renewable materials and leaving a smaller carbon footprint, our wood adhesives contribute to a greener construction industry—so we all win.

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We’re all about specialty coatings. Our VeoVa™ vinyl ester is a unique formulation that gives decorative paints and adhesives a durability upgrade, and our Cardura™ glycidyl ester achieves gloss and weatherability while reducing VOC levels.

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